Fingerjoined lumber is structural lumber made by gluing one or more pieces of lumber end to end that has a fingerjoint cut (see Figure 1).  Glue is applied in the fingerjoint then the pieces are pushed together as the glue cures. This approach permits a large surface area to be glued together, producing a very strong bond.

Fingerjoined lumber with the appropriate grade stamp can be used as a replacement for traditional dimension lumber.

Figure 1.

There are two Special Products Standards approved by the CLSAB for fingerjoined structural lumber:

·     SPS 1 – Fingerjoined Structural Lumber – an example SPS 1 stamp appears in Figure 2,

o  can be used wherever traditional dimension lumber is used according to the assigned grade, and

·     SPS 3 – Fingerjoined “Vertical Stud Use Only” – an example SPS 3 stamp appears in Figure 3,

o  can only be used in a vertical application, regardless of the assigned grade.

Figure 2.

 Figure 3.