CLSAB Structure and Operations

The Board of Directors:
The Directors are responsible for the management of the property, operations and business affairs of the CLSAB, including determination of dues, employment of staff, authorization of expenditures, and all other matters relating to the business of the Corporation.

The Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee directs the management of the CLSAB between meetings of the Directors, deals with business matters such as establishing and maintaining offices, employing and administering personnel, recommending fees and/or dues, budgeting for income and expenses, financial management and serves as the Nominating Committee.

The Operations Committee:
The Operations Committee oversees the Regulations to be established or revised, agencies to be accredited, de-accredited or suspended, disciplinary action, and amendments to the By-laws.  In addition the Operations Committee receives and reviews reports on the performance of agencies and other reports relative to the continuing function of the classes of accreditation.