Quebec Forest Industry Council

The Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) is the voice of Québec’s forest industry, representing the majority of softwood and hardwood lumber, veneer, pulp, paper, cardboard and panel companies in Québec. The Council champions the interests of these enterprises and encourages their contribution to socioeconomic development, the integrated and sustainable management of forests, and the optimal use of natural resources. It works with public sector and quasi-governmental bodies, organizations and the general public. As a CLSAB-accredited Lumber Grading Agency, it also oversees grading quality control.

Quebec Forest Industry Council
1175, avenue Lavigerie Suite 200
Québec, QC
G1V 4P1

Tel: 418-657-7916
Fax: 418-657-7971

Accredited to supervise:

  • Visually Graded Lumber
  • Agency Certified Lumber
  • Fingerjoined Lumber
  • Machine-Graded Lumber (MSR/MEL)
  • CE Marking
  • Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program