Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency

Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency, Inc. (CSI) is an independent, internationally accredited third party inspection agency. A privately owned fee-for-service agency, CSI has been providing quality inspection and certification services to the lumber manufacturing and wood preservation industries in British Columbia and the Prairie Provinces since 1994. Our clients pay only for the services they require and nothing more. CSI is accredited by the Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board (CLSAB) and the American Lumber Standards Committee Board of Review (ALSC).

Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency
403 – 20238 Fraser Highway
Langley, British Columbia
V3A 4E6

Tel: 604-568-6911
Fax: 604-568-6933


Accredited to supervise:

  • Visually Graded Lumber
  • Fingerjoined Lumber
  • Machine-Graded Lumber