Council of Forest Industries

The Council of Forest Industries (COFI) is the voice of the BC interior forest industry. COFI companies operate 100 production facilities in more than 60 forest-dependent communities in the interior of British Columbia. COFI member company operations account for approximately 80 percent of all BC softwood lumber shipments and 35 percent of Canadian softwood lumber shipments. COFI is a CLSAB-accredited Lumber Grading Agency.

Council of Forest Industries
250 – 1855 Kirschner Road
Kelowna, BC
Canada, V1Y 4N7

Tel: 250-860-9663
Fax: 250-860-0009

Accredited to supervise:

  • Visually Graded Lumber
  • Agency Certified Lumber
  • Fingerjoined Lumber
  • Machine-Graded Lumber (MSR/MEL)
  • CE Marking
  • Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program
  • Canadian Debarking and Grub Hole Control Program