CLSAB – Objective #1
To control the identification and certification of lumber to be used in Canada, exported from Canada, or manufactured in accordance with standards approved in Canada.

CLSAB – Objective #2
To provide a medium for the accreditation and supervision of Lumber Grading Agencies, giving them authority to:

  • supervise and certify lumber manufacturers to assign grades or other classifications to lumber
  • establish and monitor quality assurance methods
  • apply identification marks, and certificates attesting to the grade and quality of the product

CLSAB – Objective #3
To review, advise upon and approve or disapprove the grading rules or other standards which affect:

  • the certification of graders or lumber manufacturers by accredited agencies,
  • the accreditation of agencies, or
  • any other matter related to grading, inspection, review, or performance of graders or agencies

CLSAB – Objective #4
To facilitate acceptance in foreign markets of the Canadian lumber grading system overseen by CLSAB