Bylaws and Regulations

CLSAB Regulations

Overall Regulations

The CLSAB Regulations set out grading rules and product standards approval requirements along with the accreditation requirements for Lumber Grading Agencies. The regulations also cover Agency procedures for grade stamping lumber and for agency enforcement actions; procedures for CLSAB field inspections and CLSAB random sample inspections, and procedures for agency follow-up and actions required when CLSAB requests re-grading and/or re-inspections. Enforcement procedures and the process for appeals are also included along with a description of the circumstances whereby an agency can lapse their accreditation.

Accompanying the Regulations is a series of appendices that describe policy for product standards approval (Schedule A), lumber grading machine approval (Schedule B), Grading Agency verification of heat chambers (Schedule C), and the CLSAB “KD-HT” check list (Schedule D).

CLSAB Regulations

CLSAB Bylaws

Since the CLSAB was established as an independent body in 1982, its bylaws have set policy and legal requirements governing membership, dues, officers, the Board of Directors, meetings, committees, corporate function, audits, and indemnification of members, officers and Directors.

CLSAB Bylaws